Gallery 3

  • Line Board Reflection

    Line Board Reflection

    We use a special line reflection to see and enhance the site of the damage.

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  • Straight Lines

    Straight Lines

    When the lines are straight, your dent is straight.

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  • Bumper Dent After

    Bumper Dent After

    No more dent. We removed this dent on the bumper without repainting.

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  • Dented Corner Bumper

    Dented Corner Bumper

    Very common bumper damaged we fix often. We are completely mobile and come to you.

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  • Kinked Fender

    Kinked Fender

    A crease and dent caused from a fist

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  • Sodales orci et

    Sodales orci et

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  • Front Fender Dent

    Front Fender Dent

    A common dent we remove caused from kicks, cars bumping into and even fights.

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  • Gone!


    No painting, no hassle. Perfect again!

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  • Yep, We fix this!

    Yep, We fix this!

    Nasty dent on rear panel and bumper corner. Our service is mobile.

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