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Mobile Paintless Dent Removal and Bumper Repair

When I started working in the auto body industry in 1982, as far as I know, Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) wasn’t even on the radar. At least no one was talking about it. Though paint was known to have toxic components, those operating paint guns wore masks and consumers just accepted that the paint-spraying process was part of the price for having a smooth finish on their automobile.

But times have changed. Today, people are more concerned about their health and realize we have to stop polluting our environment. These factors, along with innovation, created a booming market for PDR.

The first time I saw a demonstration of PDR, I didn’t pay much attention to it. It must have been all the lights and hype at the car show in Las Vegas. However, the second time, I was all eyes and ears.

It was 2002 and a guy brought his BMW into the body shop where I worked. He had a minor ding in one of the side panels. I watched one of the PDR techs take about 30 minutes, massaging and coaxing the metal until the panel looked new. The technician didn’t use any of the materials, including paint, we normally used. The customer didn’t have to leave his car overnight until the finish dried and could be buffed. The technique was contrary to everything I had learned and practiced.

I was impressed. When the customer left, with a broad smile on his face, I went to our bookkeeper and asked her what the PDR tech charged the guy for the repair. She said $75. From experience I knew that using conventional methods, it would have cost him $500 - $700. (Based on 2002 rates)

I was blown away. I immediately bought the necessary tools and started doing PDR in my garage and at the shop where I worked. I was hooked – and so were my clients. In 2006 I trained with a technician at a PDR School in Cameron Park, Northern California and got my Business License, and have been serving clients with this amazing technique ever since.

Maui Ding Doctor is a registered Hawai’i business. (If you’re bonded and insured, we can put that in as well) Though you can use your insurance, most jobs are less than your deductible, and clients prefer to leave their insurance companies out of it.

Customers love the results AND also love the convenience of my mobile service. I can work on your car in your garage or driveway or where you park your car at work. Though most jobs do not require paint, I can do minor touch-up.

I think you can see why I switch from conventional bodywork to PDR. It’s good for the planet, good for my clients and good for my health.


    Maui Ding Doctor is a mobile auto reconditioning company servicing all of Maui

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